Our Brand

KENIDO is the bridge between two cultures, unified by a family history.
Born in Peru, Raised in Europe is our Motto. We want to bring you great designs, perfect quality and fine materials.  
But we want more: We want to show, that family is not a lost value, it is in fact more important then ever. 

Be part of the KENIDO family ! 

Our Story

Everything started in the late 1970’s, when our parents made a dream in Lima (Peru) come true. To bring fashion and values to the people. It was never easy but they never gave up. Now is the time for us to follow the family legacy.

Born in Peru, grew up in the world (Spain, Brazil and USA) and now in Germany at home. We feel more than ever the necessity to continue this path and bring this feeling to our customers and the society.

Something got lost over the last decades and it is our aim to bring back some values and let you appreciate the special moments of your life: nature, family, sense of esthetic, design and the courage to be unique.

Be part of this vision, be part of the KENIDO family. 

Our Speciality

KENIDO combines Future and Tradition.

We bring you the best materials both continents can offer: Baby & Premium Alpaca, Pima Cotton (especially high regarded peruvian cotton), together with traditional materials from Europe like Silk and Wool.

Our suggestions

Alpaca is:

  • warm and light
  • not allergic
  • comfy


  • in cold water (max. 19° C) carefully washing with a little portion of soap
  • No chlor
  • For drying, put your alpaca cloth in an extended way to avoid fold. No drying machine. 


  • Inform always the personal of the laundry, they have in the hand alpaca wool or pima cotton. 


  • Lying down, not hanging.